Dawg Fans and Phickle Phans!

It’s always fun when folks stumble upon our tastin’ tent at festivals and markets who remember us from our early days. …back when we used to load up our golf cart with pickle jars and comb the streets around the UGA campus on game days. These folks said they remembered buying pickles from us from our golf cart three years ago! …and how ironic that one of ’em wore red and black to the Inman Park Festival yesterday. It was meant to be! We just had to give them a free jar….

These kinda things happen to us all the time. We are blessed with relationships made over the past three years with people we’ve met along the way…as we peddle our pickles ’round the south. Our PHans are like PHamily to us. If you remember us from our early days….we’d love to hear from you. Shoot us an email….and maybe we’ll send you a little bag of PHUN! —> phicklechickle@gmail.com
Always….always remember…. If it ain’t fun, don’t do it! Every day is too important to waste!

Have fun! Eat a PHICKLE, y’all!

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