Phickled Marys Phinish Phirst

Every Saturday morning, I load pickles, tables, and props into my little Honda Fit and head to the Peachtree Road Farmers Market rain or shine. And every Saturday brings another possibility into my little pickle world. A few weeks ago, Athens native and now neighbor to the market… Tom Hodgson mentioned he’d be participating in a contest to benefit the Atlanta Center for Contemporary Art on June 6th…in the form of a Bloody Mary Contest. I was thrilled when he inquired about using my pickled asparagus to garnish his masterpiece!

20120611-091432.jpgI set Tom up with a PHUN canvas bag full of Phickles. I mean…the asparagus is awesome…but I figured with having the whole variety at his cocktail stirring fingertips…he would be sure to win.

20120611-091823.jpgThe contest was between Tom and Forde Kay. Votes were cast by dollar bills cast into jars for the Bloody considered best by the 100 or so guests.


20120611-092533.jpgThis all looks delicious to me! What a PHUN way to lure folks into the center for this free event which was part fundraiser and part outreach.


20120611-093052.jpgI’m thankful to Tom for sending me these pictures to use in this post…allowing me to catch a glimpse into the event and to see how he made my pickles shine. He says the competition was fierce but he won by a few dollars and he and his fans credit the Phickles Stix, Okies, Snaps, and Spears for the defining taste.

20120611-093712.jpgMany restaurants garnish their Bloodys with Phickles and back in the day…before Phickles, LLC was a real company… My husband, kids, and I used to sell the pickled beans …now called ‘Snaps’ to tailgaters at UGA games from a golf cart. If we saw bloody mary mix on their table…we’d stop and share a sample and before long we had fans waiting for us every home game day. Now on game days, places like Five Points Bottle Shop and ABC Package sell out of Phickles quickly with all the out of towners coming into town and the Athens locals who know… You can’t have a Phickled Mary without the Phickles!

20120611-094414.jpgHave Fun! Eat a Phickle, y’all!

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