Peek A Boo At PRFM!

We are peddlin’ Phickles Pickles down in Mobile and New Orleans today…so we won’t be set up at Peachtree Road Farmers Market today. We hope all our regular PHans who frequent PRFM will head to the market early today before the heat rises. We hear it’s gonna be a hot day in Atlanta. It takes a lot of work…especially in the heat …for all the artisans and farmers to get set up at the market. Show them your support and if you do…. tell ’em their phickley market neighbors say: “Have PHun! …and we miss ’em!” The picture above is just a little memory …from the day Chef Patric Bell came to the market and played with Hottie. Peek A Boo from the Pickle Tent! haha
See y’all next Saturday…after we’re back from our #PhunVenture! You can follow our travels on twitter by following: @PhicklesPickles and the hashtag #PhunVenture.

“If it ain’t fun…..don’t do it!”
~angie & phin

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