The Phans Must Be Everywhere

We went on a little delivery/sales trip today… not too far from home. We needed to get a delivery to Andy at Madison Produce Company…so after we dropped it off, we headed to Reynold’s Plantation. Many of our fans have told us we should try some of the shops and restaurants around the lake.
We had a great time talking with some of the staff at the plantation and the locals that live there.
Lunch was yummy at Filet …a steak & seafood restaurant over in the Publix shopping center. We sat at the bar…and chatted with the sweet bartender…whose parents own the place.
She lives in Grant Park and drives daily to the lake to work… It’s always phun learning the stories behind the people that make tasty places tick!
And….after lunch we hit up The Cellar over in the Publix shopping center. It had everything….BUT PHICKLES …so we had a little impromptu tasting with Matt, the owner …and in walked Jeff Ramsey …the fun guy in the picture above… a facebook fan of ours.

Peddlin’ Pickles Never Gets Old!

Oh…and another thing! ….we dePHinately scored a new account with a store there called Pounders. They have everything you need for dinner….fresh cut meat, seafood, seasonings and sauces…. and now they’ll have Phickles!

We’re looking forward to many phun deliveries to the lake!

20120907-165421.jpgand…if you’re in Atlanta ….come see us at the Peachtree Road Farmers Market tomorrow and most every Saturday. Debora, the cute blonde in the picture above will be in our tastin’ tent tomorrow…with lots of phickley recipes to share. Come say hello!

Have Fun! Eat a Phickle!

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