Modica Market in Seaside, Florida …where the pickles are!


We love getting to visit with the people who own the shops around the south that carry our pickles. Meet Charlie Modica ….owner of Modica Market in Seaside, Florida! Modica Market was the first store outside of our hometown to carry our pickles. We’ll always remember our first time walking into Modica and Charlie’s dad saying: “What ‘cha’ll got?” We said… PICKLED OKRA, BEANS, CARROTS, GREEN TOMATOES, AND JALAPENOS”…and he said: “I’ll take a case of each.” That was in 2009. Charles Modica, Sr. has since passed on…but his son Charlie is carrying on his legacy of keeping it real in Seaside. You might remember seeing this market in the movie The Truman Show with Jim Carey. If you’ve never been to Seaside, Florida…put it on your bucket list. It’s a not-to-miss southern treasure of a town!

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