We are a bit old fashioned here at the Pickle Parlor…but most folks seem to like us this way. 

If you’re interested in having Phickles shipped to ya…just shoot us an email at: and Angie or Phin will get back to ya as soon as possible.

Pick from our pickled okra, beans, carrots, cucumbers, green tomatoes & jalapeños. They are all seasoned with fresh dill, garlic and jalapeño for a kick.

We ship 4 pint sized jars for $48, 6 for $65 & 10 for $90. You can mix your order however you wish.

OR go for our PHAB five deal of 5 jars for $50! The PHAB five deal includes Snaps, Okies, Stix, Wedgies, and Hotties.

Once your order is confirmed, we’ll need a phone number to call for payment.




3 thoughts on “Shipping

  1. We recently saw you at the Atlanta Historic Center and bought a jar of I guess pickled red onions? Somewhat spicy and delicious, they are amazing and I was wondering if we can order more!

  2. Just had your famous green beans and asparagus at Nona’s restaurant in Athens they were great love them!!!!

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