Try our two new BBQ sauces and our new SALSA along with a jar of our HOUSE PICKLES shipped to you for a total of $40 + tax!
Shindig Sauce is our version of White Alabama Style BBQ sauce that is delicious as a dip for chicken, pork, ribs, French fries, fried shrimp….pretty much everything!
Moppin' Sauce is our Vinegar based BBQ marinade. Marinate meats before cooking, use it as a baste while grilling…and it's delicious as a dip with Cuban Sandwiches and drizzled in salads and over Nachos!
House Pickles are the best Dill Pickles you'll ever taste! Crisp cucumbers…pickled with fresh dill, whole garlic and jalapeño for spice.
Ripe Tomato and Black Bean Salsa -No added sugar is in our delicious salsa. We sweeten it with red wine vinegar and it gets it zing from key lime juice!
All our products are GLUTEN FREE!

Email to order:

For The Love Of Ginger!

If you love GINGER …you’ll love the goodies from our friends at Verdant Kitchen! They harvest all the ginger used in their products from their own organic ginger farm in Savannah, GA and turn it into delicious treats!

For a limited lime…we our offering a sampling of their goodies along with our pickled carrots for $60 total (shipping is included already in the price!)

You’ll receive Verdant Kitchen’s Crystsllized Ginger, Bare Ginger, Ginger Bites & Ginger Syrup ….plus a jar of our pickled carrots! 

Our pickled carrots are pickled with garlic, dill & a sliver of fresh jalapeƱo to add the perfect kick. 

To order….email Angie at !

We look forward to hearing from you and getting our PHavorite ginger goodies to your doorstep!

Pickled Blueberries!

We’ve been experimenting with BLUEBERRIES!

Angie spotted pretty, plump organic blueberries from Burge Organic Farm at Peachtree Road Farmers Market and went blueberry bonkers! …and she couldn’t rest ’til she tried her hands at pickling some….since ’tis the season.

So…she gathered some lemon thyme from her kitchen garden, a mild pepper, and some sugar …and got busy!

Her trial batch only made seven jars. One for her to take around to local phickley spots to see what everyone thinks and six to sell at the market.

They are sure to go fast…so get to the market early tomorrow! We’ll be purchasing more blueberries at the market tomorrow and pickling more…but for now…the star of the show is just six tasty jars. Our favorite way of enjoying them is with blue cheese. …would make a great sweet and savory bruschetta!
The chef demo will be at 10am tomorrow. Chef Thomas from the Grand Hyatt in Atlanta will be using tomatoes, peppers, chevre, thyme, bay leaves, onion, and garlic. It’s sure to be delicious and informative. Also…there will be a canning demo. There are many yummy ways to preserve all the goodies found at the market. Martha will be able to answer all your questions and get you inspired to get canning!

See y’all at Peachtree Road Farmers Market!
…and next up…I’m pickling PEACHES!