Dill Pickled Veggies


All our pickles are gluten free and seasoned with fresh dill weed, whole garlic, fresh jalapeño peppers, distilled white vinegar, salt and water ….a simple recipe perfected by us!

Healthy Snacking with Pickled Carrots


Pickles are a tasty way to keep your New Year’s resolution to eat healthy in check. Our pickled carrots are great dipped in peanut butter or hummus or just by themselves for a crunchy snack. We pickle them with fresh dill …so dill pickle loving kids will love them packed into their school lunches!
Happy New Year, PHriends! Eat PHUN food!

Phickles Pickles Cyber Monday Special!

Now thru midnight December 2nd…
Five Jars of Phickles Pickles ….any five you pick excluding pickled asparagus for the price of four! That’s five jars shipped to the address of your choice for $42 total!
Choose from our pickled okra, beans, green tomatoes, carrots, jalapeños and cucumbers.
Email your order to angietillman@phickles.com and mention Cyber Monday!
It’s a deal too PHUN to miss!

This special ends at midnight Monday, December 2. 🎄 Limit 3 per customer.

Phickles Pickles Black Friday Sale!

We’re opening the doors of our pickle kitchen to the public Friday November 29 for a Black Friday sale! Take advantage of bulk pricing and mix your own 6 pack or 12 pack of our pickled okra, beans, green tomatoes, carrots, jalapeños, and more! We will also have quart sized jars available of most of our pickles and new flavors that haven’t hit the store shelves yet! If you haven’t tasted our pickles yet, we’ll have samples of everything ….& be the first to get your hands on a tub of our Hot Mess Cheese Spread! See y’all at the Pickle Parlor!

To reserve your order ahead…. Email us! angietillman@phickles.com

Salmon Salad with Pickled Jalapeños and Honey


2 cans Wild Alaskan Salmon, drained & bones & skin removed
3 tablespoons mayonnaise (we used homemade. Dukes brand is our favorite.)
1/2 cup diced celery
3 tbsp capers, drained
1 cup diced Phickles Hotties (pickled jalapeños)
2 tbsp honey (we used honey from Savannah Bee Co.)

Mix all ingredients together and pepper to your likin’.

Serve on a bed of lettuce or with crackers. ENJOY!